Pepsi club – display program audit

CPM conducted more than 500,000 visits of audit for Pepsi Club over 03 years, average we made 14,000 visit for the most year-round merchandising campaign of SPVB for all channels.

Pepsi Club program is one of the most important projects to maintain Pepsi’s leading position in Trade.

Pepsi requested CPM to audit 14,000 key outlets in Central & South East Vietnam on monthly basic. Auditing capability and SPEED are the key success factors for this project

Suntory Pepsico – POSM deployment

SPVB requested CPM to install and maintain various types of POSM at GT channel nationwide. Beside quality, SPVB also requested REPORTING capability as well as deployment SPEED to meet their very limited time. This objective was to conduct merchandising Pepsi’s POSM at stores which include:

Banner: 63,000 ones

Hanger: 34,000 ones

Flag line: 30,500 ones

Standee: 34,500 ones

Poster (700,000 ones) and ticker (5,380 ones)

Suntory Pepsico- Product Display Merchandising 

Pepsi needed to deliver gifts and incentives to 8,000 outlets per month in Ha Noi and Hai Phong for the Pepsi Club program. Ensure the gifts are delivered to the correct outlets in the correct quantity. The Pepsi Club program is their biggest display program and operated yearly. The program has been a key factor in winning the war for shelf space for Pepsi products against competitors.