POSM deployment
For more than a CPM Vietnam has been the trusted by partner of VISA and continues to deliver excellence Field Marketing services in strategies planning under practical execution framework approach for below the line activities to enhance VISA visibility at a high competitive market outstandingly. In that time, VISA would like to build card acceptance of VISA contactless visibility across their focus channels
Overall strategies & route-map planning and carrying out all of the below the line and promotion activities to support Visa POS (Point of Sale) Visibility strategy. Designing VISA POSM artwork, production, deployment of POSM at POS (Point of Sale), Application & i-cloud system reporting build, field auditing for POSM maintenance. Conduct training & mystery shopper to validate and reinforce contactless understanding Key Achievements: Develop an insightful set of POSM brand identities and VMORC promotion artwork for total VISA holistic campaign.
05 Years collaboration (since 2019 to current)
100 merchandisers 200 mystery shoppers
21,000 shops covered 2,000 cashier training sessions
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