Pepsi club – display program audit
CPM conducted more than 500,000 visits of audit for Pepsi Club over 03 years, average we made 14,000 visit for the most year-round merchandising campaign of SPVB for all channels. Pepsi Club program is one of the most important projects to maintain Pepsi’s leading position in Trade. Pepsi requested CPM to audit 14,000 key outlets in Central & South East Vietnam on monthly basic. Auditing capability and SPEED are the key success factors for this project
CPM staffs come to audit 14,000 outlets by handheld (smartphone) with CPM software customized for Pepsi. CLOUD REPORT – real-time report applied with key benefits as below: Real-time reporting and Outlet mapping Out of Stock feedback Result: Monthly audit 14,000 key outlets in Central & South-East Vietnam and provide 98% of accuracy for SPVB to reward outlets
07 Years collaboration (since 2006 – 2013)
80 auditors
25,000 outlets covered
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