Merchandising & In-store Sales – MT
Nestle has a wide range of Modern Trade Stores and they want an agency who has ability to provide frequent Human Resource to cover nationwide store, Training and maintaining their staffs’ Compensations & Benefits. They would like to maintain following in MT stores: Frequent shelves display No out-of-stock Product consultancy Instant market report
CPM has won this project for its solutions provided to Nestle, including: Set-up and maintain a team call “MT Merchandisers” with both skills: Sales & Merchandising. Deploy technology into reporting such as: on-shelf-visibility, on-shelf-availability, shelf-shares, out-of-stocks, promotions, and competitors, and make it live report. Achieved Nestle’s goals : Reduce OOS and increase OSA
09 Years collaboration (since 2015 to current)
390 PGs at MT channels nationwide Vietnam
7,800 supermarkets/ CVS/ MT shops covered
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