Merchandising & Push Sales – GT
Nestle has enjoyed CPM Vietnam’s expertise for over 07 years with their objective: Frequently maintain Nestle in-store display space Create merchandising habits of Nestle for retailers Increase retailers quantity to join Nestle merchandising program & sales Enhance retailers to introduce Nestle products to consumers This is to do merchandising for 20 display programs of Nestle. This work spread throughout Vietnam and play as an important roles to retain relationship with outlets, to maintain valued display space in outlet over their competitors and push sales volume.
CPM manages a dedicated team of merchandisers to: Visit each outlet four times every month to display products Collect & report market information and feedback Co-ordinate with sales team for stock management & PUSH Sales Build good relationships with retailers to win space share Achieved Nestle’s goals (merging merchandising and auditing, market intelligence, increasing sales volume, etc.).
10 Years collaboration (since 2014 to current)
220+ merchandisers to cover 63 provinces nationwide
35.000 outlets covered with F1-F4 visit/month ( acound 110.000 visit/month)
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