Merchandising/ Auditing – Pharmacy
GSK has enjoyed CPM Vietnam’s expertise for over 04 years to support their merchandising. This is one of their strategy to improve their brand image at store and convert more customer at OTC channel. There are two objective requirements as follows: Focus on retaining good merchandising staff to keep good relationship with pharmacies to win Daily collaborate with sales sups, ASM, distributors to update OOS & outlet feedbacks to fix field issues
CPM managed a merchandising team to: Visit each outlet 1-2 times per month to display products/POSM, check availability Collect & report market information and feedback timely Co-ordinate with sales team for stock management & PUSH Sales Build good relationships with retailers to win space share & visibility Result: An active contribution team to GSK sales growth 14-15% YoY and % qualified outlet grows from 80% Y2018 -> 86% Y2020
6 Years collaboration (Since 2018 to current)
108 staffs
12,000 shops covered
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