Promoter/ Retail Sales Service
Apple has enjoyed CPM Vietnam’s expertise for over 07 years to support the development of its business and the presence of its brands at points of sale. Its objective: to expand its appearance vertically & horizontally throughout Vietnam and enhance consumers experience in-store. Then Apple has invested in Vietnam in ASM & APP Program, focusing on: Retail Sales & Service: to bring the best customers experience in store and drive sales. Training and Coaching: to deliver all training metrics to partner’s staffs.
It is to success these challenges that CPM Vietnam mobilizes a disposition of 41 ASM to cover 771 shops in 63 provinces nationwide & 120 APP permanent stay in 100 key stores and implementation of a strategy in high potential period and seasonality of products. In addition, in order to optimize all costs and efficiency, we designed team KPIs are based on: Sales Support / Merchandising / Training / Business Management & develop strong “Cloud Reporting”.
10 Years collaboration (since 2014 to current)
41 ASM to cover 771 shops in 63 provinces
871 shops covered
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