Mystery shopping
One of the largest global  brands which is predominantly known for it’s nutrition products, Abbott Vietnam has been a partner of CPM Vietnam for both mystery shopping and audit which are to check their PG at hospitals and clinic. This is to: Ensure PG’s disciplines Ensure PGs distribute sachets to patients properly Ensure PGs collect and get information of valid/ real New Users Ensure PGs run coupon process properly and complies with Abbott policies
CPM managed a team to conduct mystery shopping in provided hospitals and clinic: Create scenario for mystery shoppers to follow Management, Field work, quality control, reporting Achieved client’s goals (merging merchandising and auditing, market intelligence, delivered vavid results and solutions)
02 Years collaboration (since 2019 to 2020)
30 mystery shoppers to check 400 PGs at 5 key cities nationwide
80 hospitals and 80 clinics covered with F2 visit/month
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