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Once you have worked with CPM, you stay with CPM. We are providing the following services:


Retails display compliances is a hard challenging for every brands. CPM offers clients up to the minute information on customer’s experiences with their brands.


If your brands is not on the shelf, that’s a missed sales opportunity. CPM helps your brands to grab every shelf-shares at retails with a well-trained & well collated merchandising team.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping or secret shopper, is a tool used to measure retail compliances, service quality at retails. CPM offers wide range of services from minor check to full customers' experiences checklist.

Sales Operations

CPM expert teams specialise in the science of selling anything from complex end-to-end sales in regulated marketplaces through to FMCG van sales in the independent retail sector.


CPM are passionated about creating highly targeted, customer focused experiential marketing activities and events that deliver real results for our clients.


Working with CPM, our Clients can experience and benifit from how we grow their business by using Insight to create Influence and drive Sales

Market Leading Insight

With many years in Sales, our expertises know everything to convert Sales for a Brand

Global Footprints

Our networks is spreading all over the world from EU culture to American, Australian and Asian. We can adapt faster in local market but still maintain Global standards.

Cloud Reporting _Retail Build

CPM ultilizes latest technology to help Clients capture the market at-a-glance.


With a passion for growing brands and increasing sales, CPM International opened its doors in Vietnam since 2001, dominated the 30th countries across global.
CPM International is an award-winning international outsourced sales agency specializing in field marketing, contact center and digital marketing solutions with a proven track record of increasing sales and brand awareness for our clients by using insight to create influence & drive sales. In Vietnam, CPM is now one of the largest field marketing and retail service agency.
CPM Vietnam has significant presence nationwide through its network of offices, local staffs, and on-going projects. CPM Vietnam employs over 1,000 project-based staffs to deploy clients’ needs in every provinces. CPM Vietnam provided substantial services in merchandising, auditing, mystery shopping, sales operation and experiential at 80,000 different retail outlets since 2001. With CPM Vietnam, our clients are more than trusted and assured about our services and experiences in retails.


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